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Why Blueroom Productions?

More people watching your music video means more people listening to your music.

Coming up with an idea for a music video can be as difficult as trying to get five band members to rehearse weekly. I know, right?   

We can make a safe video, something thats been done a thousand times before. But if it’s unique to you, more people will watch. Which means more people will hear your music.

The Blueroom’s music videos have been featured on TV networks MTV, Rage, and NusicTV and had videos premiered on publications Mondo Sonoro in Spain and AAA Back Stage & The AUReview in Australia.

Aussie band Project Montreal’s ‘Colours’, won Best Music Video at the West End Film Festival in 2016. Several others have been featured in film festivals around the world.

Why were these videos so well-received? Because they were unique to the artist/band.

Come, talk to me (whisper). 

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