What is Project24?

Project24 was started in the small studio space of Blueroom Productions back in late 2012.  The idea is to showcase local talent but also with an eye on inter-state and international acts..  Sessions have been done at The Edge , atThe State Library, Jungle Love Fest and also in Barcelona, Spain.  

Project24 is filmed & recorded live; with all post production being done at Blueroom Productions.  Released on the 24th of every month drawing on musicians from across many genres. 

The project has featured artists such as, Sahara Beck, Pat Tierney, Hailey Calvert, The Lyrical, Bullhorn and Cheap Fakes to name but a few.  See all the sessions below.  There are also the audio only of these sessions for your listening pleasure.  

The project is partnered with a number of local and international institutes such as 4ZZZ, JMC, The Foundry & NusicTV.  



The only cost to the musicians on this is $180 to cover the tracking engineer. 

All post production by Blueroom Productions is free of charge.


The project sessions


Project24 partners